Follow Your Nose - The 5 Senses

Follow Your Nose - The 5 Senses

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Using experiments and activities, students learn more about their bodies and the senses used to gather information.
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  • Mysterious Melodies

    A very fun activity that demonstrates how our minds fill in information for us when our senses cannot give complete answers.
  • Touchy Feely Bags

    By isolating the sense of touch in the bag, student focus on what touch tells you.
  • To Taste or Not to Taste

    Are you a "taster" or a "non-taster"?
  • What's That Sound?

    For this activity, sounds are generated on their website, so you need to have access to the computer with your class.
  • Thread the Needle

    Great activity that brings home the point of two eyes working together for depth perception. Another variation is to close one eye and direct a partner to drop a ball in a cup/bowl. Surprising!
  • Set Up a Smelling Station

    Help your child get to know the least-appreciated of the five senses, the sense of smell, with a smelling station.