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Make Your Own Dino-rama

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Make Your Own Dino-rama

Find this activity by selecting "games" and then "dino-rama" from the flash interactive. This make-your-own dinosaur-diorama activity includes links to PDFs of full-color cutouts of dinosaurs including T. rex, Gallimimus, Maiasaura, Edmontosaurus, Oviraptor, Velociraptor. The dinosaurs and related background shapes are designed for easy cutting, and even very young children can do the taping or gluing. A great way to get learners up close and personal with creatures from long ago and far away!

Quick Guide

Preparation Time:
10 to 30 minutes

Learning Time:
30 to 45 minutes

Estimated Materials Cost:
1 cent - $1 per student

Age Range:
Ages 4 - 11

Resource Types:
Activity, Model


Materials List (per student)

  • dinosaur printouts - see related URLs


  • Earth and Space Science
    • Earth's History
      • Dinosaurs
  • Life Sciences
    • Diversity of Life
      • Plants
      • Animals

Informal Categories

  • Animals
  • Arts and Crafts


To use this activity, learners need to:

  • see
  • touch

Learning styles supported:

  • Links STEM to other topics of interest such as arts and humanities
  • Involves hands-on or lab activities


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  • Free access


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