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    NISE Network
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    In this activity/demo about piezoelectricity, learners discover how some crystals produce electricity when squeezed. Learners investigate the history of piezoelectricity, how it's used, and...

    Over $20 per group Ages 4 - adult 10 to 30 minutes
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    The Exploratorium
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    With a bit of PVC, a laser, a can/cup, and a small mirror, you can make a device that visualizes you voice or any sound transmitted into the cup/can. Make beautiful patterns on a white wall as you...

    free Ages 8 - adult 10 to 30 minutes
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    Science Museum of Minnesota
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    From this How To slide show, you create an Audio Tape Bow that can play distorted audio sounds by running it across a tape head. Learners will open up cassette tapes and used tape players to see...

    $1 - $5 per student Ages 8 - adult 45 to 60 minutes

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