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    Integrated Teaching and Learning Program, College of Engineering, University of Colorado at Boulder
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    In this design-based activity, learners explore environments, ecosystems, energy flow and organism interactions by creating a model biodome. Learners become engineers who create model ecosystems....

    $10 - $20 per group Ages 11 - 14 4 to 24 hours
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    Mount Holyoke College
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    In this activity with several mini experiments, learners explore the chemistry that helps scientists learn about the environment and how they can help save it. Learners will determine if pollutants...

    $1 - $5 per group Ages 8 - 14 4 to 24 hours
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    Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo
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    In this activity, learners explore the concept of permeability to better understand why amphibians are extremely sensitive to pollution. Learners soak one regular hard-boiled egg and one peeled...

    1 cent - $1 per group Ages 4 - 14 4 to 24 hours

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