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    American Museum of Natural History
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    In this archaeology meets art activity, learners make a mosaic and consider the ways in which art communicates. Educators can tie this activity to the study of the Petra site (an ancient city in...

    $10 - $20 per group Ages 8 - 18 1 to 7 days
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    Chicago Children's Museum
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    In this activity (located on page 6 of PDF), learners observe and reproduce the distinctive physical features (i.e. plates, sharp spikes, long necks, deep jaws, claws) of their favorite dinosaurs....

    $10 - $20 per group Ages 4 - 11 1 to 7 days
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    Twin Cities Public Television
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    In this activity (page 2 of PDF), learners will prepare sheets of homemade recycled paper from several different source pulps. Once dry, each sample will be drawn on with a marker to test how far...

    $10 - $20 per group Ages 8 - 14 1 to 7 days

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