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    In this activity related to microbes, learners create scale models of microorganisms and compare relative sizes of common bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa using metric measures: meters,...

    1 cent - $1 per group Ages 8 - 14 45 to 60 minutes
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    Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
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    In this activity, learners explore light, color and rainbows by making their own rainbow glasses. Learners glue "rainbow optics paper" onto the glasses cutout, add decorations and attach...

    1 cent - $1 per student Ages 4 - 6 10 to 30 minutes
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    New York Hall of Science
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    Heat makes some materials expand, and it makes others shrink. In this experiment, learners will use unique shrinking properties of recycled plastic (solid polystyrene—general purpose recyclable...

    1 cent - $1 per student Ages 4 - 11 30 to 45 minutes

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