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    Science Museum of Minnesota
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    In this game, learners create flash cards with an image on one side (of an animal, for example) and the sound that animal makes on the other. The object of this game is to use your mouth and your...

    $1 - $5 per group Ages 6 - adult 10 to 30 minutes
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    Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
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    This is a matching game where learners match examples of communications technologies with pictures of the people who used them. Look at images of hieroglyphs, runes and calligraphy and match them...

    free Ages 6 - adult 5 to 10 minutes
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    String Thing is an interactive online game in which learners change a virtual string's tension, length, and gauge to create different musical pitches. Educators can use this game as an...

    free Ages 8 - 14 10 to 30 minutes
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    American Association for the Advancement of Science
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    Teams of learners use a series of stick figures made from pipe cleaners to model a dance routine. Then, they use this model to communicate to another learner who performs the dance routine. This...

    1 cent - $1 per group Ages 8 - 11 10 to 30 minutes
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    In this fun group activity involving music and movement, learners are introduced to the idea that many insects walk by using their legs to create "alternating triangles." Learners sing...

    $10 - $20 per group Ages 8 - 11 45 to 60 minutes

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