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    This lesson focuses on how nanotechnology has impacted the design and engineering of many everyday items from paint to fabrics. Learners explore the hydrophobic effect and how similar properties...

    Over $20 per group Ages 8 - 18 1 to 2 hours
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    In this engineering activity, learners will get acquainted with the basics of wind energy and power production by fabricating and testing various blade designs for table-top windmills constructed...

    Over $20 per group Ages 11 - 14 2 to 4 hours
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    Pratt School of Engineering, Duke University
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    Learners use engineering design principles to construct and test a fully solar-powered car. Solar car kits usually include a photovoltaic cell and motor; some include a chassis as well. Encourage...

    Over $20 per student Ages 11 - 14 2 to 4 hours

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