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    In this activity, learners play NOAA's Carbon Tracker game and discover ways to keep track of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the world. This game will help learners better...

    free Ages 11 - 18 10 to 30 minutes
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    Clarkson University
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    This board game teaches learners about energy decision making. Players select cards that determine the transportation and home design that will influence their expenses as they play. Situations and...

    $1 - $5 per group Ages 11 - 18 45 to 60 minutes
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    Twin Cities Public Television
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    This is a quick activity (on page 2 of the PDF under Hockey Sticks Activity) about how the arrangement of carbon atoms determines carbon's different properties. Learners will build bridges...

    1 cent - $1 per group Ages 8 - 14 10 to 30 minutes


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