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    NISE Network
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    In this activity, learners examine nanoscale structures of common things. Learners flip between macro and nanoscale images of familiar objects to learn about some ways that nanotechnology is...

    $1 - $5 per group Ages 4 - adult 5 to 10 minutes
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    Twin Cities Public Television
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    In this activity, learners conduct scientific research on multitasking. Learners determine if multitasking with media while doing homework affects their ability to successfully complete the...

    free Ages 8 - 14 45 to 60 minutes
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    String Thing is an interactive online game in which learners change a virtual string's tension, length, and gauge to create different musical pitches. Educators can use this game as an...

    free Ages 8 - 14 10 to 30 minutes

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