Fruits and Vegetables: Color Your Plate

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  • Children's Museum of Indianapolis
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In this activity, learners explore healthy choices related to the foods they eat. The importance of a variety of fruits and vegetables to a healthy diet is the focus of the experience. Learners read a story book about fruits and vegetables, repeat a helpful riddle, and draw pictures of fruits/vegetables. These drawings are then cut out and taped to "color" a Healthy Choice bulletin board plate. Learners can also taste-test different fruits and vegetables at snack or lunch time. Learners are encouraged to try one new color each day. This activity is featured on pp. 12-13 of the "Health House: Food, Fitness, & Fun 24/7!" unit of study for K-2 learners.

Quick Guide

  • Preparation Time: Under 5 minutes
  • Learning Time: 45 to 60 minutes
  • Estimated materials cost: $1 - $5 per group of students
  • Age Range: Ages 4 - 8
  • Language: English

Materials List (per group of students)


Informal Categories

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Food and Cooking
  • Literature


  • Life Sciences
    • Diversity of Life
      • Plants
    • Human Body
      • Health and Nutrition

To use this activity learners need to

  • see
  • see color
  • taste
  • touch

Learning styles supported

  • Involves hands-on or lab activities
Includes alignment to state and/or national standards:


Dr. Beverly A. Reitsma; The Children's Museum of Indianapolis


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  • Health Care Excel



Deborah Lee Rose
Rah, Rah, radishes!

Another fun picture book to connect with this and other healthy eating activities is Rah, Rah, radishes! A Vegetable Chant.