Eneraction -- Energy Transfer into Action

Created by boblally, last updated 2015-11-13

Interacting objects transferring energy into action push and pull on one another to move, flex, and sense per laws of nature, such as Hooke's Laws of Elasticity and Newton's Laws of Motion and Gravitation. Such eneraction, a new word, animates and powers our wonderful world. Evidently, eneraction is involved in all that happens, including How-to-Smile activities, but certain structures and events exhibit it more dramatically. Similar energy transfers occur in other energy realms, such as thermel, electrical, and fluidic, and perhaps in mental and spiritual. For example, transferring energy, people push and pull on one another in various healthy ways to communicate information, stimulate thought, and inspire action. Transferring energy into action, virtues such as care, trust, faith, love, and hope spiritually inspire people to do good work and brave unselfish deeds. A How-to-Smile search of transfer energy into action resulted in 399 records. A few examples are listed below, including a link to a related website.