Starting out with a new topic for a class or any group of students can be daunting. The activities on each of these howtosmile topics pages have been curated using an educational or colloquial framework to help guide your teaching strategy. The frameworks include national standards, big idea lists, popular media content, and concept maps. Now kick off a new topic with the confidence of having a complete set of hands-on activities to use with your students. These topic collections also present a great pathway for self-discovery for families interested in science and math. Dig in now and try something you’ve never done before using howtosmile.


Energize your learning to find out where energy comes from, how we make, store and use it, whether we have enough to last, what technologies we need, and how our energy use or misuse will affect the planet.


Climate change is now and it's everywhere. Explore climate literacy— including the role of the Sun and carbon cycle—for critical understanding of what affects climate systems, and what they affect.

Life Sciences

From single molecules to the entire biosphere, expand your knowledge of organisms and ecosystems, and how they change through time, from the blink of an eye to over billions of years.

Ocean Literacy

Dive into ocean literacy to discover how sea animals survive, how disasters like hurricanes and tsunamis form, how humans depend on and impact the ocean, and how climate change melts massive polar ice.


Reach for the stars (and planets) to grasp how we hunt for water on Mars, travel and live in space, engineer planetary rovers, count the age of stars, and reveal the origins of our solar system and universe.


Whip up food fun and learning with two special ingredients—science and math. Cooking videos plus STEM activities make a sure recipe for success, so learners become chefs, scientists and mathematicians.

PBS Shows

Let favorite PBS animated and human characters, adventure shows and documentaries help inspire and teach all ages to have fun, challenge themselves, and change how they look at the world.

Health and the Human Body

"Health and the Human Body" helps families and educators find content for learners investigating the human body and health at home, at school, or on the go.

At-Home Activities

Howtosmile has developed a new set of characteristics that will help caregivers and educators choose activities that will work best while staying at home.