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Watch, do, learn! Discover STEM all around by trying Howtosmile.org explorations that connect with your favorite PBS shows and characters.
Learners from preschool to adult can have fun, challenge themselves, and change they way they look at the world by watching PBS shows on TV or online.  Whether it’s a “reality” show hosted by animated characters, an adventure show starring curious tweens, or a documentary following scientists into hidden worlds, a PBS show can inspire learners to do hands-on activities that reveal the science, technology, math and engineering of life on Earth.

PBS Show Listing
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Dragonfly TV

Real kids share their excitement at making discoveries, to show both kids and grownups that if kids can dream it, they can do it!

Peep and the Big Wide World!

Bright-colored, animated characters Peep, Chirp and Quack, plus real kids, investigate and explore the world all around them.

Curious George

Based on the classic books, a lovable, animated monkey goes exploring, and real kids investigate the ideas he introduces.


Bright, curious, real tween girls put science and engineering to work in their everyday lives, inspiring kids to discover STEM everywhere.

Sid the Science Kid

Sid wants to know everything about everything, and uses jokes to tackle questions about why things work the way they do.


Documentaries reveal the science of almost everything, from solar energy to dark matter, from reading the human genome to saving entire species.