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Candy Club Fun

Created by StacyO, last updated 2015-11-13

For a fun summer workshop series, I'm going to use candy to teach science concepts.


Rock Candy

This takes a little time to observe (days), but it is fascinating to make crystals.


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Candy Experiments: Chocolate Bloom

Chocolate is made of cocoa butter, cocoa solids, and other ingredients that have been mixed together. Can you take them apart?

Candy Experiments: Density Rainbow

Sugar water is denser than water--the more sugar, the denser. This experiment shows you how to layer different densities into a rainbow of color.

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Candy Experiments: Color Separation (Chromatography)

You know candy is colored with artificial dye. But did you know that many candies contain several kinds of dye? To see the different dyes for yourself, try this.

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Acid Test

Sour taste is the body's way of identifying acid, so if your candy tastes sour, it contains acid.

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Candy Experiments: Oil Test

If you thought your candy was all sugar, think again. Many chewy candies also contain oil.

Candy Experiments: Pop Rocks

What's the secret ingredient in Pop Rocks?