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In this activity, learners play with a fuzzy-colored dot that has no distinct edges seems to disappear. As learners stare at the dot, its color appears to blend with the colors surrounding it. The illusion is created by the tiny jittering movements that your eyes are continually making. Activity includes step-by-step instructions and an explanation of the science behind the activity. A Spanish version of the activity is available.

Quick Guide

Preparation Time:
Under 5 minutes

Learning Time:
5 to 10 minutes

Estimated Materials Cost:
$1 - $5 per student

Age Range:
Ages 6 - 14

Resource Type:


Materials List (per student)

  • Blue paper (just enough to cut a dot about 1 inch [2.5 cm] in diameter)
  • Scissors
  • Pink paper (1 sheet)
  • Waxed paper
  • Optional: Glue stick or tape


  • Life Sciences
    • Human Senses and Perception
      • Vision
      • Perception


To use this activity, learners need to:

  • see
  • see color


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