Soda Explosion

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This hands-on activity lets participant explore chemical reactions as they create a soda explosion with lots of bubbles. The bubbles in soda are made of carbon dioxide gas. Using lifesaver mint candy, create a fun, foaming mess. Experimenting in an outside space is suggested. [Activity is publicly available through a web crawler capture on Activity write-up only, images are unavailable.]

Quick Guide

Preparation Time:
Under 5 minutes

Learning Time:
5 to 10 minutes

Estimated Materials Cost:
$1 - $5 per student

Age Range:
Ages 6 - 11

Resource Type:


Materials List (per student)

  • Open, outside space
  • Unopened bottle of soda (20 oz., 1 liter or 2 liter)
  • A large paper clip
  • Roll of Wintergreen Lifesavers


  • Physical Sciences
    • Chemistry
      • Chemical Reactions
      • Nuclear Chemistry
    • States of Matter
      • Liquids
      • Gases
      • Changes of Phase

Informal Categories

  • Food and Cooking
  • Outdoor Activity


To use this activity, learners need to:

  • see
  • be mobile
  • touch

Learning styles supported:

  • Involves hands-on or lab activities


Access Rights:

  • Free access


Source Collection

  • TryScience