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Events and Updates

An updated list of museums offering at-home activities

As part of our continued efforts to support educators, families, and learners during the current public health crisis, the howtosmile team is maintaining a list of science center, planetarium, aquarium, and children's museum websites offering at-home activities and related learning resources.

howtosmile and Earth Day, April 22nd

This is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day—one of the biggest science events of the year. 2020 brings new challenges for Earth Day as schools and museums remain closed and many learners and their families are sheltering-in-place. We have put together two new activity lists for learners—divided by the age—to celebrate safety at-home or outdoors with good social distancing practices. Activities use print-outs and simple materials that can be found at home.

2020: 10 years of howtosmile

Launched in 2010, howtosmile was started by a group of science museums dedicated to sharing great science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) activities with the educators and learners of the world. Given the challenging times we face in 2020, this mission is now more important than ever.

Week of Making

The first Week of Making, sponsored by the White House, is set for June 12-18. "Making can motivate and inspire young people to excel in STEM subjects and prepare students for careers in design, advanced manufacturing, and entrepreneurship.

Marine Art for World Oceans Day

There are so many ways to celebrate World Oceans Day June 8, including making and sharing marine artwork. Learners and their friends at home, camp or school can create pieces of water-themed art—saltwater or freshwater—then hold a summer Marine Art Show for families, their whole school or camp, even their local community.

Earth Day/Climate Week

Earth Day, April 22, is part of this year's international Climate Education Week. At, you can find thousands of STEM activities, for all ages, related to the environment, climate and the natural world.

Planning a World Oceans Day Event

earth day poster
Want to celebrate our planet's ocean? On or around World Oceans Day, June 8th, share what you know and why you care about the ocean by holding a special sea event. Ask your friends, family, students and colleagues to help you plan an ocean festival, beach party, sand sculpture contest, sea-themed parade, cooking event with sustainable seafood, photo exhibit or other fun and creative public event. 

Indiana Jones—Fiction Into Fact

Indy Poster
The adventures of Indiana Jones(TM) are film legend—and they're science too. In the National Geographic exhibition Indiana Jones(TM) and the Adventure of Archaeology, the world's most famous, fictional archaeologist inspires a new generation to dig deeper into the science and history of field archaeology. As they enter Indy's world, visitors discover how archeological objects advance scientific and historical knowledge.

Engineering Everywhere

No day goes by without engineering touching our lives. How does engineering help when we play sports or music, ride in an elevator, check the weather forecast, drive over a bridge, vote in an election, and go through a typical day? Find out with engineering activities from during Engineers Week, February 22-28. 

Engineering Video Contest

Rainbow FallsHow can engineering meet the future’s toughest challenges? Create a 1-2 minute video to answer this question, and enter the Engineering For You 2 Video Contest. Grand prize for the most inspiring video is $25,000. Entry deadline is March 2, 2015.