2020: 10 years of howtosmile

Launched in 2010, howtosmile was started by a group of science museums dedicated to sharing great science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) activities with the educators and learners of the world. Given the challenging times we face in 2020, this mission is now more important than ever.

Our collection includes hands-on and interactive activities, both physical and virtual, that involve doing and learning. Activities take many forms, from downloadable lesson plans to how-to videos to online interactive games. We hope these high-quality resources can spark ideas and support educators working with students through digital platforms, museums and other out-of-school organizations engaging their audiences online, and parents and caregivers enriching the lives of children at home.

In the last several weeks, we have re-reviewed all howtosmile resources to correct for broken or outdated links to source websites. We have also searched for and linked to snapshots in the Internet Archive for many missing resources. This work has dramatically improved the health of the collection and should help users find even more viable resources when searching.

We are also working on adding new resources and showcasing several mini-collections of hands-on activities specifically suited for at-home learners. Our first few cover a wide range of STEM topics.

Do-it-yourself science activities: Lakes and aquatic ecosystems
Do-it-yourself science activities: Our Sun and Earth
Do-it-yourself science activities: Human body
Do-it-yourself science activities: Nanotechnology

We will add more resources and share more mini-collections over the coming weeks and months as we all face these unique times for online education. Please email us at questions@howtosmile.org if you have any suggestions of other ways howtosmile can help support you and valuable work.