a Top Educational Website has been voted one of this year's Top 100 Educational Websites by, which has more than a million members. 

The homeschooling site recognized in the multiple subjects category, noting SMILE’s topic sections on MathematicsOcean Literacy, Chemistry. The Mathematics section links SMILE activities to the new Common Core State Standards. The Ocean Literacy section links SMILE activities to the Ocean Literacy Principles. The Chemistry section lets users search SMILE activities by chemical and find safety information for purchasing, using, storing and disposing of chemicals. SMILE will soon be expanding its topic sections to include climate literacy, energy literacy, life sciences, cooking, astronomy, neuroscience and materials science. 

Homeschooling families, and all users, can zero in on specific topics or browse SMILE's more than 3,400 STEM activities. Users can also refine their search for just the right activity by age, cost, time and other aspects, make tailored lists of of activities, and find suggestions by other SMILE users and staff on presenting, adapting and connecting activities.

SMILE has previously been named a Best Website for Teaching & Learning by the American Association of School Libraries (AASL). Learn more about the AASL award from their website here