What’s in the Explore Science: Earth & Space 2018 digital toolkit?

In collaboration with NASA, the National Informal STEM Education Network (NISE Net) has released a NEW set of engaging, hands-on Earth and space science activities with connections to science, technology, and society.

Adding to a growing collection of Earth and space science activities, NISE Net developers have prepared 10 hands-on STEM activities that engage learners with authentic NASA content from the Science Mission Directorate. Topics covered in the activities include the Earth, the Sun, our solar system, and the universe beyond.

Here are just a few of experiences supported by the digital toolkit.

1) Build and launch a paper research rockets with scientific and communications tools.
2) Create model landscapes and investigate water flow and watersheds.
3) Work as a team to drive a rover across a simulated Martian landscape.

Every digital activity guide comes bundled with facilitator tips, planning and promotional materials, training and content videos, and info-sheets with beautiful NASA images...newly developed and fully customized for this toolkit. Don’t forget to check out the great print-out posters on the James Web Space Telescope and Sounding Rockets. The digital download is completely free, and a great resource for any educator hoping to reach their audience with engaging STEM content.

All resources included in the digital toolkit carry a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license to encourage free sharing, use, and remixing of the collection by similar education institutions and users. The NISE Network supports the creative use and repurposing of its materials under these simple guidelines.

Please note, all materials for the public are available in both English and Spanish.

All the toolkit activities have now been cataloged into howtosmile and can be easily accessed through this list. You can also check out the activities in 2017 digital toolkit using this list.

Find out much more about the toolkit and downloading all related materials from the NISE Net website. NISE Net is a community of informal educators and scientists dedicated to supporting learning about STEM in communities across the United States.