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Earth Day At Home For Tweens, Teens, and Older Learners

Created by darrell porcello, last updated 2020-04-18

This list contains Earth Day-themed activities for older learners. Just like our list for younger learners, we have selected experiences that mostly can be done at home—but some require outdoor travel. Many of the activity materials can found around the house or can be printed from downloaded files in advance. These are just a few of the many Earth-themed activities on howtosmile—but it is a great place to start!

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15+ great reads for your Earth Day week | National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Cool Earth Day science stories from NOAA. This page has something for everyone, and offers some great reading extensions for your learners.

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NASA Earth Observatory - Home

Wonderful NASA website showing our beautiful Earth! See amazing images from NASA satellites showing climate change, global climate change, global warming,oceans, volcanoes, and natural hazards.

Gallery: NASA Earth Science Videos

A curated collection of Earth-themed videos from NASA's Science Visualization Studio. Deep dives into Atmospheric Composition, Climate Variability and Change, Carbon Cycle and Ecosystems, and many other topic connected to our planet.