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Engineer and cartoonist Rube Goldberg is famous for his crazy machines that accomplish everyday tasks in overly complicated ways.

$1 - $5 per group Ages 11 - 14 1 to 2 hours
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In this online game, learners build complicated machines to complete simple tasks. The game starts with a power source on one side of the screen and the task on the other side.

free Ages 8 - 11 5 to 10 minutes
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In this engineering design activity, learners will design, test, and build a “haunting machine” to solve a Sherlockian mystery.

$1 - $5 per group Ages 11 - 14 45 to 60 minutes
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In this fun and, at times, hilarious force and motion activity, learners will use household objects to build a crazy contraption and see how far they can get a tennis ball to move.

$1 - $5 per group Ages 4 - adult 1 to 2 hours