Pizza Math and Science


From trendy pizza trucks to gluten free crust, not to mention that alltime favorite—plain cheese—pizza is a must-have meal for millions. Turn any pizza party (real or pretend) into tasty math and science with activities from In Pizza Party, practice simple fractions to make sure everyone gets an equal piece of the pie. 

How healthy is pizza? In Food for the Brain, dissect a slice to learn what nutrients pizza offers for the brain and nervous system. Look closer at what makes pizza pizza, by investigating the ingredients of cheese, flour and yeast in Cheese: Behold the Power of ChemistryGoodness Gracious! Great Balls of Gluten! and Bready Bubble Balloon. With vegetarian pizza being the second most popular kind, add on activities like Fruits and Vegetables: Color Your Plate or Ripening of Fruits and Vegetables.

Annual pizza sales top $36 billion in the United States alone! How many human hours are spent preparing, serving and eating so much pizza? If that data set is a bit too big for your learners, try adapting The Menu Game at the Terribly Terrific Taco for a pizza parlor to figure discounts and/or increased profits. Don't forget to leave a tip (real or pretend), which learners can calculate in Tip Topper.