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No child left inside: the Rx for ‘nature deficit disorder'

hiking boots

I still remember when my sixth grade science teacher took us outside, gave us each a block of wood and a magnifying glass, and showed us how to harness the sun's energy to burn our zodiac sign into wood.

Is water alive? Go outside and find out

Educator Cheryl McCallum talks about one of her favorite SMILE outdoor activities, and how to make it work even if you don't have "an outdoor space teeming with living things.”

These days, I work in a museum. But before that I was an outdoor educator, taking 5th graders on hikes through the East Texas Piney Woods and canoe trips on Lake Livingston.

Teaching to an oil spill

oil spill

Need a hand searching SMILE?

search video

Check out this cool low-tech animation showing users how to search the SMILE catalog. Asia Ward of the Science Museum of Minnesota created this video, and she definitely wins the prize for most creative use of the SMILE hand logo!