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Science in the Park at ASTC

ASTC conference

This year's Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico will include a public event called "Science in the Park." In Tiguex Park, science educators attending the conference from around the world will show off their best outreach activities, prototypes, and demonstrations to local students and members of the science museum and informal science education communities.

Engineer Role Models—real and toy

Agogino photo
Mechanical engineer Alice Agogino is not anti-Barbie, by any means. Growing up she liked Barbie dolls, and they inspired her to design and sew her own clothes as a teenager. That hobby gave her tools she would later put to good use as an engineer. So it’s not surprising that when the National Academy of Engineering asked for input to help Mattel designers equip a new Computer Engineer Barbie®, Agogino rose to the challenge. 


howtosmile logo as Warhol
“STEAM capitalizes on artistic interest to help spread STEM to a wider audience,” says Brad Peroney, Program Development Coordinator for Pittsburgh's Carnegie Science Center. Peroney is collaborating with staff at Pittsburgh’s Andy Warhol Museum. In fall 2013, they will launch new afterschool programs where elementary learners can explore the science in Warhol's artworks and artistic process. Programs will be held at libraries, community centers and other sites around Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.